Nebosh Training Regisitration Form Resit Student IG1

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Section 1:The Learner Generic Information
Rate Your IT Skills?pick one!
Rate Your English Language?pick one!
Note: Have You ever been banned/Blacklisted by NEBOSH:pick one!
Have You completed NEBOSH training from NEBOSH Approved LP (Re-sit Delegates)pick one!
If No:Then You are not eligible to be registered for IGC examination
Section 2:IG 1 Re-Sit Assessment Sheet
Assessment is based on (MCQ) and Each MCQ contains a “1” mark for each. Select only one Option from below:
Q 1. Access to basic facilities such as toilet facilities, hand-wash stations, changing rooms, restrooms, places where food can be prepared and eaten in relatively hygienic conditions, drinking water and basic first-aid provision.
Q2. In which “Article __________” put responsibilities on Employers?
Q3- The _______________ in this context is normally an organization, such as a company, and is sometimes referred to as ‘Corporate Body’
Q4- While Selecting the Contractor which types of documentation is required ____________?
Q5- _____________ is the measurable cost arising directly from the accident?
Q6- According to the PDCA Cycle the word “Planning and Implementing” is describe what action?
Q7- ____________ are the part of Health and Safety Policy?
Q8- ___________Who Should sign the General Statement of Intent/ Statement of General Policy?
Q9- In Word “Smart” What called “A” _____________?
Q10- All the _______________ Health and Safety management issues will be relevant to all workplace.
Q11- Factors that have a negative impact on health & safety culture in an organization include:
Q12- Visible Leadership can be demonstrated by?
Q13- A permit to work usually has four main sections?
Q14- What Does Internal information sources include?
Q15- The health hazards can be categorized into five groups:
Q16- Systematic active monitoring involves ____________?
Q17- What is the Purpose of Workplace Inspection____________?
Q18- Diseases or medical conditions caused by a person’s work is known as ______________?
Q19- Things have already gone wrong; things are being put right after the event rather than before _____________?
Q20- The process of documenting the event?

Terms & Conditions of Registration

1. Seats are limited and are available on first come first serve basis. Confirmation of participation is subject to receipt of completed registration form, Interview and full payment two days ahead of last date of registration & approval of Director/CEO.

2. Cancellation must be received in writing at least 7 days prior to course start date and is subjected to the adjustment of administration fee (20% of the total fee). Late cancellation cannot be accepted and full course fee is to be paid.

3. Participant substitution can be made before 7 days of course starts and should be communicated accordingly, cancellation or substitution of name is not acceptable once your name is registered/sent to NEBOSH and the name of delegate is registered. A learner can defer a course they have paid for to a later start date subjected they inform 7 days before start of course, in such case chance will be provided to the learner in any upcoming schedule.

4. DAS Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. reserve the rights to change dates, program or locations due to unforeseen/unavoidable situations.

5. Registration fee of NEBOSH is non-refundable and replacement is also not accepted once registration is sent to UK, in case of any emergency decision of refund is decided by the NEBOSH.

6. Please attach copy of CNIC & Passport along with latest picture.

7. All delegates registered for any of the course shall provide accurate information any false information provided during the registration can lead to the cancellation/withdrawal of certification, no re-funds of fee, sanctions as per NEBOSH policy in such situation.

8. Your above information is required for course registration and necessary information will only be shared with NEBOSH. Your Personal data/information is not shared with any unauthorized entity.

9. I, acknowledge the receipt of your email related to Learners instructions handbook, Health & Safety Policy, NEBOSH Malpractices policy, Data Protection Policy, Prior Knowledge Questioning, Complaints & Appeals policy and Equality Policy.

10. I, hereby, further declare that all information provided for registration of NEBOSH Examination are true and no any false information is provided.



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