As DAS is providing 3rd party certification, training, inspection and calibration services,  DAS have policies and procedures that provide outline based on the principles by which DAS conducts itself and provide a framework for any decisions we make, nature of the services

DAS  provides and keeping in-view the requirements of international market, DAS holds international accreditations for  Certification, Inspections and Training that includes  NEBOSH IGC, HABC Highfields  for that we have developed and implemented all required and applicable procedures and policies,  DAS policies ,Code of Conduct and procedures are available to view through using the under given links:-

Code of Conduct

DAS Code of Conduct


Health & Safety Policy
Compliant & Appeal Policy
Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Policy
Data Protection Policy
Harassment Policy
Qualification Guide for Learners
Open Book Examination Guide for Learners

Registration & Refund policy- Terms & conditions for learners registration and refund policy is described in registration form, all learners for any type of courses  including  NEBOSH IGC, IRCA, HABC or any other training , all learners are required to read and acknowledge the terms & conditions of registration and refund.


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