Welding/NDT Inspection

Welding/NDT Inspection

Welding/NDT inspection services of DAS Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd are aimed at companies involved in the design, modification or repair of welded components.

  • Ensure product safety prior to shipping
  • Minimize the amount of defective merchandise
  • Reduce customer complaints due to inferior products
  • Detect merchandise containing non-standard or non-compliant components
  • Eliminate late shipments

Based on your specific needs throughout the manufacturing process, DAS Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd offers a wide variety of quality inspection services. Our Inspectors can provide welding inspection services in the initial stages and advise on aspects such as:

  • Selection of materials and welding consumables
  • Selection of the welding process
  • Welded joint design
  • Distortion control
  • Welding procedure
  • Welder approval qualifications

Certified Welding Inspection

Welding inspections can be performed at the laboratory facility or on-site. Our highly qualified and experienced Certified Welding Inspector’s (CWI’s) conduct inspections consisting of visual examinations & NDT of the weld and weld measurement per specific blue prints or client requirements.

Welding Inspection Testing

DAS Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd provides welding inspection testing according to national and international standards including EN 15614-1 and 2, 287, 9006 and ASME IX. Welding testing can qualify the welder’s performance to the type of weld, and qualify the procedure & welder to the materials used (e.g. Aluminum to Aluminum, Carbon Steel to Stainless etc.)

Welding Inspection Scope:

A visual Examination shall be carried out on welded points / joints/ surface to identify the following as a minimum;

  • Any crater cracks
  • Porosity
  • Incomplete fusion
  • In complete joint penetration
  • Under cut
  • Under fill
  • Overlap (Roll Over/Cold Roll)
  • Lamination
  • Seems & laps
  • Slag Inclusion
  • Weld reinforcement
  • Concavity & Convexity
  • Arc Strikes
  • Spatters
  • Weld Size
  • Surface oxidation

Non Destructive Testing:

Depending on the customer requirements and as per design requirements, Inspector will analysis and evaluate the reports of nondestructive tests, such as penetrate testing, ultrasonic testing, magnetic particle testing. After taking consent of client and settlement of other commercial matters, inspection of NDT is carried out if required after review of reports.


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